Achieving Rigor with Marzano Essentials

You’re working hard to make the instructional shifts that foster student growth, resulting in lifelong big thinkers who are fully prepared to succeed in the global workplace. The Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor Experience is a full-day workshop for teachers and administrators to unpack the Essentials for Achieving Rigor model. Regardless of the program you have in place, these focused, hands-on sessions will strengthen your use of instructional strategies that help students:

• Identify critical content
• Record and represent new knowledge
• Examine similarities and differences
• Generate and test hypotheses

You’ll also deepen your knowledge of Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor, the student-centered model of instruction that moves students toward mastering higher-order thinking skills required by rigorous state standards. During her 35 years as an educator, presenter Betsy Carter has taught students at all grade levels, from kindergarten through high school, specializing in mathematics. She has facilitated its implementation as both a growth model and an evaluation tool in her district.

All K-12 educators  are invited to participate Friday, January 30, 2015. Please register by January 16.

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