10th Annual Show-Me a Movie Contest Opens

Show_Me_Movie-10th-AIt’s that time of the year again! Teachers and students are planning their projects for the Show-Me a Movie Contest, celebrating its 10th year in 2014! To see complete rules and guidelines, please visit www.edplus.org. Show-Me a Movie is a program of EducationPlus and the METC ISTE affiliate. To refresh your memory, or if you’re new the contest, let’s share the Show-Me a Movie F.A.Q.:

Can students in grades 2-12 in private, parochial and public schools from any part of Missouri and its Border States (Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska) enter?  Yes.

Can a teacher sponsor or advise more than one group? 

If students want to enter, but find none of their teachers willing to sponsor them, can they have another adult sponsor them? No. Only school staff may act as sponsors.

Will the prizes go to the students in the group or to the school? If there are cash prizes, they are awarded to the school; students receive prize bags that are distributed at the showcase at the METC Conference.

Will movies be rejected if they are received after 5 p.m. on the deadline date? Yes. Schools should allow ample time for movies/entry forms to arrive on time. Schedule deadlines accordingly. Be familiar with how to upload to your online platform. URLs should be tested before submitted to EducationPlus. Do not wait until the last minute.

Does the 2-minute limit on the move length include titles and credits? No. The content of the movie should not be more than 2 minutes in length. Longer movies will be disqualified. All sources used in creation of movie must be included in credits.

To what extent may copyrighted material be allowed in producing a movie? Generally, for educational use, 25% of copyrighted material, including music and sounds, can be used, according to the Fair Use Law. Trademarks should not be used unless permission is granted. All sources must be cited- this includes students’ original photography or music that is included in production. If music is part of the movie-making program, indicate so in the credits.

Can a group of students submit one reflection sheet? No. Each student in the group must submit his/her own reflection sheet. Their individual scores will be averaged in order to score the movie. Maximum length for the reflection is 200 words.

To learn how to participate, visit www.edplus.org. All movies must be submitted no later than 5 pm CT on December 5, 2014.

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