Midwest Spotlight Educator: April Burton

April BurtonApril Burton teaches at Francis Howell Central High School, and currently serves as Francis Howell School District’s Teacher of the Year.  She was selected as one of the Midwest Education Technology Conference’s Midwest Spotlight Educator for 2014. This recognition honor leaders from the region in education technology, whose practices are making a difference for students as well as teachers.

In her 14 year teaching career, she has taught English and French in grades 8 through 12. April serves on her school’s Greek Squad which helps to provide teachers with information on the trends in Educational Technology. She believes that the key to student success is maintaining a fast-paced, technology enhanced classroom where cooperative learning and effective teacher input is the foundation.

As a large proponent of the flipped classroom, April has been featured in national and international articles, as well as has had her own articles published in professional journals. April has provided hours of professional development to teachers across the globe. Her website provides teachers with the information that they need to transition to a successful flipped classroom.  You can see April this February at METC and follow her on Twitter at @MmeBurton.

METC is a program of EducationPlus.

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