Digital Citizenship Week: Oct. 21-25, 2013

Join Cooperating School Districts for Digital Citizenship Week and engage students, teachers and families in thinking critically, behaving safely, and participating responsibly online.

Visit for free resources for your classroom and school community. It’s a great way to celebrate Connected Educators Month, so dive into the suggested activities and resources on the website. And be sure to post what you’re doing to the Connected Educator Month calendar and tag your posts as “digital citizenship week” to inspire others to get involved.

Every day, students are tested with each post, search chat, text message, file download and profile update. Do they connect with like minds or spill too much information? Do they behave creatively or borrow ideas recklessly? Do they respect relationships or inadvertently damage reputations?  This week is devoted to examining our digital citizenship as educators and students. Find out what others are doing in this regard and join the conversation about these important issues.

Connect with other educators on Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Community on Edmodo. Learn about the most common behavioral issues your students face when using technology by checking out these straight-forward teacher backgrounders. Check out a few rock-star teachers using the Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum by watching our lessons-in-action videos.Participate in a webinar (or two!) with other educators across the country.  Here are upcoming dates/topics:

  • Creating Model Digital Citizens in Today’s Cyber World
    Wed, Oct. 9, 2013 10:00 AM – 11:00 am CDT
    (Hosted by Education Networks of America)
    Click here to register
  • Digital Citizenship Starter Kit on Edmodo
    Wed, Oct. 23, time TBD
    (Co-hosted with Edmodo – link coming soon)
  • Empowering Students to be Digital Citizens
    Thurs, Oct. 24, 3:00 – 4:00 pm CDT
    (Hosted on EdWeb – link coming soon)
  • Teaching Copyright and Fair Use to the Remix Generation
    Wed, Nov. 13, 3:00 – 4:00 pm CDT
    (Hosted on EdWeb – link coming soon)

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