Sign Up Now for an Exciting Project with Your Students! Design a Set for Upcoming Opera

Opera Theatre logoFor Teachers of Math, Technology, Gifted, Theater, Drama and Music:

What happens when you combine a partnership with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis with the concepts of Common Core Math, Project-Based Learning, WebQuests, and the Performance Character principles of cooperation, interdependent learning, leadership expectations, meaningful work, presentation, and the ability to learn from experts?

Put another way….

Q: When does Common Core Math & Character become your ticket to the world of the stage? 
A: When students in grades 3-12 team up to create a Set Design Proposal that includes a “to-scale model” and their logic-based reasons why their design is the best choice for the children’s opera, The Very Last Green Thing.  Student teams will present their work for professional review at the STAGE RIGHT EXHIBITION on Saturday, October 19 at Touhill Performing Arts Center from 1-3 p.m. Their work will be on display during the run of The Very Last Green Thing from Oct. 21-26.

How does it work?  Teachers and advisors go to WebQuest Set Design at

They will find a WebQuest that includes the project description, leadership roles and resources for each member of the student teams, lesson plans and the entry form.  Explore it and determine if and how it might become part of your Fall curriculum.  Keep these key dates in mind.

Sep. 20            Deadline for Entry Form.  No student team can present without confirmed receipt of the Entry Form.

Oct. 14            Deadline for completion of the Set Design Proposal, including to scale rendering, model and 5- minute oral presentation

Oct. 19AM:      Delivery of set design models to Touhill Performing Arts Center

Oct. 19PM:      Showing and Review of the Set Designs by teams of Theater Professionals  1 – 3 PM

Call or email Diane Stirling with any questions after you’ve reviewed the WebQuest site.  Phone: 314.303.6815  Email:

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