Teaching + Learning Today with Technology

tech bootThe Learning Division of Cooperating School Districts is excited to invite you to participate in a week long edtech bootcamp! You should register for this summer professional development experience with Meg Ormiston if you want to create a classroom where students are engaged in creating projects aligned to the Common Core State Standards using digital tools. Meg feels teaching and learning today cannot be done without integrating technology and redesigning projects for students. This training is open for any interested K-12 educator.

During the course of the 5-day session, each participant will build, create, and publish project examples that they will have students complete back in the classroom. Participants are encouraged to bring materials they would like to redesign into technology rich projects. They will also learn new Web 2.0 tools to use while designing lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards. All tech camp participants will have access to an online professional development library with 70 titles created by Meg. These 70 items are grouped into the four domains similar to the evaluation frameworks. In addition to walking away with a wealth of resources and ideas, those interested can earn three graduate credits for their participation.

Participants will:
• Design  lessons that align to the Common Core State Standards identified at their grade level.
• Analyze,  select, and organize appropriate on-line resources.
• Synthesize  the various assessment options and apply authentic assessment strategies to technology rich projects.
• Analyze  and reflect on best practice as it applies to literacy and math across the curriculum.
• Become  involved in active, professional research exploring new ways to expand their personal learning network.
• Prepare  students and teachers for the Next Generation Assessments.

Bring your own device! The July sessions are hands-on, fast paced, and relevant to teachers today. Each session is focused on the skills a teacher needs today to actively engage students in a 21st Century classroom.
To enlist in this boot camp, visit CSD’s registration site.

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