St. Louis Storytelling Festival is May 1-4

St. Louis Storytelling Festival The 34th annual St. Louis Storytelling Festival takes place May 1-4, 2013. The award winning event, produced by the University of Missouri St. Louis, not only celebrates telling tales and spinning yards, but helps lay the foundation for 21st Century learning. Students have the opportunity to experience culturally diverse professional storytellers tell a wide variety of traditional, literary, historical and family stories. According to organizers, the Festival provides educators and parents with tools to move students toward achievement of the Common Core State Standards. Each year, more than 40 regional and 7 featured storytellers and their audiences gather to participate. While the Festival is an annual event for all ages, the primary attendance during the first three days of the Festival (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) is by area school children!

By visiting their website, you can learn more by finding schedules (and registration – most of the events are free), study guides, and past sessions that have been archived and available for viewing.

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