METC 2013 Virtual Essay Contest Information

metc 2013 programFor the third year in a row, Cooperating School Districts’ Midwest Education Technology Conference is holding a virtual essay contest to attendees of METC. Participants should pick their favorite online tool (i.e. Glogster, Animoto, Prezi, VoiceThread) and make a connection between their experience at METC and the theme Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect.

1. Must include the METC 30th Anniversary logo.
2. Maximum time length of 2 minutes.
3. Must cite all sources within the essay.

1. Clear and encouraging/persuasive connection to the conference theme Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect.
2. Connection to your experience(s) at METC.
3. Creativity with the tool used to create the essay.
4. Creativity Challenge for 2013: Incorporate the number 30 some way into your essay.

Virtual Essay Process:
1. Create your virtual essay using an online tool. This may be done prior to, during, or after METC.
2. Submit the virtual essay by completing the Google Doc Form.
3. Deadline for submission is March 4, 2013.
4. The METC Planning & Advisory Committee will decide on a winner March 2013.

Be creative with your message and share your story! The winner will receive their choice of an iPad, Microsoft or Android Tablet. Past winners are Manuel Herrera and Carmen Marty. Who will be selected for 2013? Stay tuned…

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