Article II of the Constitution: The American Presidency from the Missouri Bar Association

Missouri Supreme Court / Flickr Here’s an opportunity to hear and mingle with some of the top Constitutional scholars in the United States: Dr. Fred Spiegel, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri; Jean Becker, Chief of Staff to former President George Bush; Mark Updegrove, Director of the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas; and Greg Willard, partner with the Carmody McDonald law firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lots of free materials and teaching strategies for teaching about the court system will be shared during this three day summer institute  (June 24-27) in mid-Missouri. All of the materials and strategies are fully aligned with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Course-Level Expectation. Participants will gain teaching strategies that will help their students on the American Government end-of-course exam.  The scholars will address the role of the presidency in a system of separation of powers and checks and balances, and how the role of the presidency has evolved in the last 226 years.

WHO CAN COME?  This program is for secondary American history, American government and civics teachers in Missouri’s public, private and parochial schools. They only accept 30 participants for the institute.
WHAT IS THE COST?  All expenses, including meals, travel and lodging are paid.
WHERE?  The beautiful and historic Columbia College campus in Columbia and at the beautiful and historic Missouri Supreme Court building in Jefferson City.
HOW DO I APPLY? For more information, call Millie Aulbur, Director of Citizenship Education for the Missouri Bar at 573-638-2250.

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