Take a Character Education Field Trip

characterplus 25 yearsJoin CHARACTERplus for a field trip to three award-winning elementary schools:

9:50 AM: Ross Elementary, Parkway School District • National School of Character 2012
Principal: Dr. Lisa Luna. See the way 450 students representing more than 25 different countries are greeted as they arrive and how they have come to feel a valued part of one community, characterized by the touchstone “Belonging, Believing, Becoming.” Join students for their Morning Meeting, and as they guide us on a tour of not only the building but the Guiding Lights and opportunities for leadership that distinguish Ross:
• Extensive club involvement
• Pilot in Gender-specific classrooms
• Service Learning

11 AM: Independence Elementary, Francis Howell School District • MO School of Character 2013 
Principal: Emily Allen. Learn first-hand about Independence’s:
• Town Hall meetings
• Braiding of Character and PBS
• Conflict Resolution & Role Playing
• SAIL team (vertical staff leadership)
• Open-ended class meetings
• CREW Mates (buddies) and Service
• Bullying Prevention Committee
• How 91% of students came to believe adults would help them if they were mistreated by peers and 94% felt they had choices in the classroom

​2 PM:​ Babler Elementary, Rockwood School District • National School of Character 2011
Principal: Dr. Diane Metz. See the touchstone “Dream, Believe, Achieve” as it explored through:
• Staff book studies and articulated by students’ goal-setting
• Conflict resolution
• PALS peer tutoring
• Character fitness
• Kagan cooperating learning experiences

​Monday, February 25, 2015 | 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ​
Lunch: $10 Please bring cash or check made payable to CSD ​
Board Mid-America Bus at Cooperating School Districts • 1460 Craig Rd.

​Fees: CHARACTERplus Members: Free Click here for a list of Members  | Non-Members: $200 | Questions? Contact characterplus@csd.org. | Register online | CHARACTERplus is a program of Cooperating School Districts.

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