Connections with Blogging

blogging bookSeveral of the Midwest Education Technology Conference Advisory Committee members have volunteered to read the books being offered at the METC book store  and are providing brief reviews on the content. Here’s the latest:

Making Connections with Blogging by Authentic Learning for Today’s Classrooms
by Lisa Parisi & Brian Crosby, reviewed by Bev Byrd

If you are interested in blogging, want to know how, if you need ideas of what to blog, I recommend Making Connections with Blogging, Authentic Learning for Today’s Classrooms.  You will be able to get through this book quickly and begin blogging with confidence.  This book provides a clear understanding of the pedagogy of blogging from beginning to end, and how it relates to standards while clearly showing the educational value it provides students. Parisi and Crosby walk you through every step of blogging from permissions slips to moderating while providing several examples and ideas of blogging in different subject areas and age levels.

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