Bullying Prevention: Building Your Response Team

stirlingIn Bullying Prevention: Building Your Response Team, Bill Brengle former assistant principal, Fox High School, shares the strategies that move staff & students to reduce bullying actions in their school culture on January 30th at Granite City ECC Conference Center in Illinois.

CHARACTERplus‘ Diane Stirling (pictured) facilitates the discussion and table-work that universalizes the components of this school’s success so that you can adapt it to your school, including:

•  identifying your core response team
•  bringing all staff on board
•  addressing adult/staff bullying behaviors
•  defining harmful actions with student input
•  surveying students and leveraging the results
•  involving student leadership as a catalyst to compassion and culture change

This half-day workshop is free for CHARACTERplus members and is $100 for non-members. For questions on this workshop, or any character education professional development offered by Cooperating School Districts, contact CHARACTERplus. You can also see more of their programs by liking facebook.com/CHARACTERplus.

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