Supporting Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships in the 21st Century

Ray McNulty

It’s time for the American education system to join the 21st century; continuing to do what we have always done is putting our youth at a disadvantage in today’s technology-driven global society.

To become better, we first need to dare to be different. In this session-  Supporting Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships in the 21st Century with Quad D Leadership –  on January 17, Raymond J. McNulty will share an overview of next practices intended to push us to not only become leaders of this transformation, but to put our values into action. Our agenda as educators should be plain and simple: create a new, vibrant educational system driven by rigor, relevance, and relationships for all learners. This session will describe how they contribute to building 21st century systems, schools, and classrooms founded on the 3Rs: rigor, relevance, and relationships.

Quad D Leadership is a blending of vision and empowerment and involves an adaptive process by which leaders, staff, and students take action to improve teaching and learning in their school. Quadrant D Leadership is situation-specific and comes into play when there is a need for direction or action. This session will describe all aspects of the Quadrant D Leadership Framework: authoritative, creative, collaborative, and adaptive.

Ray McNulty is a Senior Fellow to the International Center for Leadership in Education, having previously served as President. Prior to joining the International Center, he was a senior fellow at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he worked with leading educators on improving our nation’s high schools. He is committed to raising performance standards for both teachers and students and to building solid connections between schools and their communities. Ray believes strongly that education systems cannot wait for the children and challenges to arrive at school; rather, schools need to reach out and help forge solutions. Ray spoke earlier this month at Lindenwood University on Leading Next Practices & Transformational Leadership. To register for January 17, visit CSD’s PD calendar.

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