Using Sensory Integration Strategies to Help Students Focus

This workshop on January 18, 2013 will include a brief overview of the seven sensory systems along with sensory integration strategies that can be utilized in classrooms to increase student engagement and time on task. After this all day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn a variety of strategies to take back to their classrooms, and leave with a book of resources.

Capitalizing on her 25+ years in the field of education, Karen Westhoff brings a hands-on, practical approach to her workshops. Prior to being a School Improvement Consultant at Cooperating School Districts, Karen has served as a Special Education Teacher, a Lead Teacher for TIP (Therapeutic Intervention Program), and as the Director of St. Gertrude’s Preschool in Washington, Missouri. Certified as an administrator in Missouri, Karen developed and implemented an At-risk Behavior Program for grades K-6. In her quest to support educators in fostering environments that support student growth, she continues to present on topics such as Positive Behavior Support and Sensory Integration. Karen looks forward to continually share effective strategies with other educators in Missouri with a passion for student development.

karen westhoffRegister for this workshop by January 11

Cost: $75 CSD Members | $90 Non-Members
(includes lunch, book and materials)

Questions? Contact Brian Lankheit.

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