CHARACTERplus National Character Education Conference Call for Proposals

[December 12 EDIT: the submission deadline is extended to January 30]
CHARACTERplus‘ 19th National Character Education Conference takes place June 17-19, 2013 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Character Education is the core to student academic achievement, building a positive school climate and developing caring and productive citizens. Cooperating School Districts is seeking proposals from educators for the summer conference. Be a part of positively changing conference participants world – the call for proposals  is now open!  The deadline to submit proposals is December 10, 2012; presenters receive a reduced rate to attend the conference.

•School Climate/Culture
•Bullying Prevention
•Service Learning
•Unity/Team Building Activities-Building Relationships
•Staff Buy-in/How to Lead Change
•Curriculum Integration
•Student Leadership/Empowerment
•Research/Data Driven Decision Making
•Global Issues
•Community Partners
•State Standards | Common Core
•Academic Achievement
•Social & Emotional Learning
•Strategies for Pre-Service Teachers
•Intrinsic Motivation

If you have any questions about content, contact Suzy Ward at For assistance with submitting your proposal, contact Karen Vaughan at

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