New Workshops include Beating the Odds for All Students: Making the Playing Field Equal

Cooperating School Districts’ Learning Division provides support to K-12 schools and staff by leading or hosting professional development sessions that are of interest to many educators.

Dr. Sharon Faber, president of Faber Consulting, is an internationally recognized speaker with over 30 years of experience as an educator. Her roles include being a teacher, building and central office administrator, university professor, and staff development trainer during the course of her career. Dr. Faber has taught almost every grade level, and she has been an English and Reading Supervisor, Director of Leadership Training, and Middle School Facilitator. She was a professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Belmont Abbey College. With that experience, Dr. Faber has written extensively in the areas of literacy and leadership at the middle and high school levels including the best sellers, How to Teach Reading When You Are Not a Reading Teacher (2006) and How to Teach Academic Vocabulary (2010). Dr. Faber comes to St. Louis for several teacher workshops in October and November:

  • Beating the Odds for All Students: Making the Playing Field Equal, 10/17: Participants will examine preconceptions students from poverty have toward education and school as well as the differences between student and teacher expectations of school.
  • How to Teach Academic Vocabulary So Kids Can Remember, 10/18: Learn what the research tells us is the best way to teach academic vocabulary to your students so they will retain what they know in long-term memory.
  • How to Teach Writing When You’re Not a Writing Teacher, 11/5: Learn practical writing strategies that can be used with students in any content area to help them retain what they learn.

Detailed information on online registration, costs and locations can be found at; look up programs either by date or name. For questions, contact Tiffiny Creech.

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