METC Spotlight on Greg Lawrence

2013 Midwest Spotlight Educator Greg Lawrence is currently the Technology Facilitator for the Wentzville School District. Greg has been instrumental in training and supporting Wentzville’s 200+ high school educators as they began their 1:1 Student Initiative. He has worked with many school districts and presented at many regional and state conferences. He is a Discovery STAR educator, serves on the METC Advisory Board, ETA of STL Board, is a SMART Certified Trainer, and an adjunct professor for Missouri Baptist University. In addition to being selected as a Midwest Spotlight Educator, Greg was also honored with the Making IT Happen Award  from the Missouri Educational Technology Community, the METC ISTE affiliate. Follow him on Twitter at @greglawrence.

Greg is one of nine educators chosen as spotlight speaker at the Midwest Education Technology Conference. This special designation honors leaders from the region in education technology, whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers. METC,  a program of Cooperating School Districts, celebrates 30 years in 2013.

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