Learn how to help all staff transition to the Common Core, Teaching Strategies + More

We delve deeper into the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with with Ferdi Serim on October 1 & 2 in St. Louis, Missouri. This two-day workshop focuses on how schools can transition to the CCSS & integrate technology tools at the same time.

Participants can come both days or just one, and will explore how to use engaging projects to help learners develop 21st century skills by applying the Common Core to real-world challenges and how to use available school performance data to select the most appropriate & engaging projects. We will closely examine strategies for determining readiness entry points for staff, based on their prior experience with project based learning and comfort level with online learning, and how to use job-embedded online professional development to help all staff transition to the Common Core.

In addition, Serim will show you how to strategically align your efforts so that you incorporate the teaching strategies that have been found to be most effective into tasks explicitly designed to develop 21st century skills, within the context of the Common Core. Finally, Serim will introduce participants to an online interactive database and demonstrate how it can be used to bridge the gaps and silos that impede more effective and seamless collaborations between K12, institutes of higher education, employers and communities.

Serim is the Executive Director of the New Mexico Society for Technology in Education, an ISTE affiliate, the Learning Community Technologies Director at Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations and owner of CLARD Consulting. The audience for this professional development is superintendents, curriculum coordinators, teachers, and administrators.

Cost includes continental breakfast & lunch
Single-day: $95 CSD member; $135 non-member
2-day: $175 CSD member, $255 non-member

Register: http://www.csd.org/pd  |
Look for “Transitioning to Common Core Using Technology” in October and use #34031-CCUT to enroll.

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