NEA Foundation-Nickelodeon Sponsored Big Help Grants available to Public School Educators

NEA Foundation-Nickelodeon Big Help Grants provide up to $5,000 to public school educators in the U.S.

According to its website,the NEA Foundation is an independent, public charity supported by contributions from educators’ dues, corporate sponsors, and others who support public education initiatives. They partner with education unions, districts, and communities to create powerful, sustainable improvements in teaching and learning.

The Big Help Grants program is dedicated to the development & implementation of ideas, techniques, and approaches to addressing 4 key concerns — environmental awareness, health & wellness, students’ right to a quality public education, as well as active community involvement. The grants target these concerns as areas of great promise in helping students in the twenty-first century develop a global awareness that encourages and enables them to make a difference in their world. The grant amounts are $2,000 and $5,000. Grant funds may be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, technology, or scholars-in-residence. Applicants must be practicing U.S public school teachers or public school education support professionals.

The application process is the same as for the NEA Foundation’s Student Achievement grants. Applicants should specify that their request is for the Big Help Grants in their application. To learn more about program guidelines, eligibility restrictions, and application procedures, see the NEA Foundation-Nickelodeon Big Help Grants page at the NEA Foundation website. The deadline is October 15, 2012

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