Options for MO Edcampers

Missouri has three edcamps taking place this fall and winter! Edcamp is free, participant-driven professional development for teachers. Upcoming locations and dates:

Springfield: September 22, 2012
Kansas City: November 10, 2012
St. Louis: February 9, 2013 (the weekend before the Midwest Education Technology Conference)

Edcamps bring together those interested in learning & sharing more about best practices in education in an unconference format. This format allows the knowledge and interests of those in attendance to lead the conversations. All are welcome to join for a great day of conversations about solutions on how to build the best classrooms, schools and communities for the future.

While the edcamps are free to attend, organizers of each would like preregistration. Click on the logos included in this post to go to the specific edcamp website. If you are not able to attend an edcamp in person, you can follow the conversation by reading tweets with hashtags like #edcampsgf, #edcampKC, #edcampSTL.

3 thoughts on “Options for MO Edcampers

    1. Thanks for asking- please feel free to share the information; I just ask you make sure all the original links stay intact, and that Cooperating School Districts gets credit for compiling it. Also keep in mind Josh’s comment about the Omaha edcamp.

      Feel free to email me at rmorrison@csd.org if you’d like to discuss this further!


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