METC 2013 Proposal Submission Tips

Before you submit your proposal for the 2013 Midwest Education Technology Conference, please visit the webpage on dedicated to proposal guidelines and tips (such as: once you’ve logged into the system, you’ll need to fill out the proposal form in it’s entirety without taking breaks, or you might be timed out). Another thing to keep in mind: because of limited space in the conference program, the presentation description is limited to 60 words or less, so open with a creative, yet relevant, statement that grabs the reader.

There are seven types of presentations options to consider when working on a proposal for METC’s 30th Anniversary:

  1. 50 min. Breakout Session*
  2. 50 min. Panel Session**
  3. 50 min. SIG (Special Interest Group) breakout session (list specific SIG within the description)
  4. 50 min. Student plus Teacher Presentation
  5. 1 hr. and 50 min. Bring Your Own Device hands-on workshop
  6. Half-Day Preconference Workshop (3hr) Monday, February 11 only*
  7. Full-Day Preconference Workshop (6hr) Monday, February 11 only*

*Limited to up to 3 Presenters | **Limited to 3-5 Panelists | additional presenters/ panelists may not be added after December 19, 2012.

Dates to Note: Preconference Workshop Submission Deadline: August 24th and General Session Submission Deadline: September 14, 2012

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