Flipping Your Classroom with Flip Cameras & Screencasting … This Week

There’s a new workshop being offered this week called Flipping Your Classroom with Flip Cameras & Screencasting. Are you interested in having more time to work with your students? Do your students need you to help them in small groups or individually? Do you wish you could clone yourself when teaching?

The Flipped Classroom is one in which teacher presentations are videotaped, and students have a chance to watch on their own time. Then during class, the students practice what they have learned under the guidance of the teacher.  This workshop will explore various online resources for “flipping” your class, and will explore how to use a digital Flip Camera, and IWB software like SMART and Promethean to create your own flipped class. Discover the time-saving features of IWB & Flip software and how easy it is to share your videos online, through email, or e-card.  You will also learn from Stephanie Madlinger how to effectively remove an image from the video segments using the Flip software, and take screenshots using your IWB. Finally, participants will learn how to convert videos and use them to “flip” the classroom or include them in multimedia projects.  Bring your own Flip camera or borrow one from us! This workshop takes place June 21 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cost: $110 CSD member; $140 non-member. (One Graduate Credit is available).  Knowledge of and experience with digital cameras, and IWB software will be helpful, but not required.

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