Tyranny of the Lecture

The Tyranny of the Lecture: Varying Instructional Strategies with Tech Tools takes place on Monday, June 11, from  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The cost for this professional development  is $149 for a CSD member; $189 for a non-member (One Graduate Credit is available). About the workshop: lecture & direct instruction are essential components of effective teaching, but their overuse can lead to unengaged students and predictable lesson formats. You can change this up!

In this newly developed, one-day workshop, examine high engagement strategies that use student interaction to promote learning, and investigate technology resources, such as wikis, blogs, WebQuests, online forums, chat rooms, simulations and educational games, that help students be directors of their own learning.  You’ll also have an opportunity to examine several types of student response systems and evaluate them for use in the classroom. Walk away with ready to use classroom strategies and technology tools to help you break the lecture habit in your teaching. This workshop is co-facilitated by Teacher’s Academy Director Peggy Dersch and the Virtual Learning Center’s Martha Bogart. Registration is required, click here to do that now!

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