Videoconference Offerings from Roper Mountain Science Center

Roper Mountain’s instructors come direct to your classroom through two-way videoconferencing.  Each 45 minute lesson is unique & engaging, and live from Greenville, South Carolina. Bring the excitement of a field trip, even if you can’t leave the school (or travel out of state)! We’ve connected to some of their programs in the past and teachers have enjoyed them. Science and social studies selections include:

Super Cool Science! (Grades 2-7)
Wagons West
(Grades 3-6)
What Telescopes Do! (Grades 3-6 – Offered only to schools outside GCS)
Incredible Invertebrates of the Tropical Rainforest (Grades 3-5)
Rome: Culture & Conquest (Grades 6-9)

Questions on their distance learning activities? Contact Kathie Fox by phone: (864) 355-8930 or email:

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