Ed Tech Campers, Are You Ready?

It’s right around the corner- edcampSTL takes place Saturday, February 11 at Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School in St. Louis, Missouri.

Organizers Bob Dillon and Chris McGee are reporting that registration is at capacity and they are very excited to have such an enthusiastic group of educators on board for the first ever edcampSTL (also known as an unconference). They are hoping that the group is ready to share & discuss all things education! Bob and Chris are planning a post-lunch activity called “things you can’t do in school with kids in the building” – hmmm…. wonder what that entails?

If you aren’t able to make it in person, be sure to follow backchannel chats on Twitter with the hashtags #edcampSTL and #MOedtech. To learn more about edcampSTL, visit their wiki– it has all sorts of info, including discussion boards, sponsorship thank-yous, hotel room rates and much more. And don’t forget, the Midwest Education Technology Conference kicks off the following week- get all your ed tech PD in this February in St. Louis!

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