Our “Printing Press” Moment: Educational Transformation, Hold on to your Hats!

We are eleven years into the 21st century, and the world has changed. Technology has created a “printing press” moment in the history of mankind and is affecting every system we now know. The emerging educational system is giving students a voice in their education and empowering them to THINK, LEAD and SERVE. The realization that our present, “industrial model,” educational system is no longer viable is both very scary and very exciting at the same time. We have before us the opportunity to create something new!

In our special Leadership Breakfast at the Midwest Education Technology Conference, speaker John C. Carver, Superintendent of the Van Meter School District in Iowa, will share thinking on how technology infused into the characteristics of effective instruction impacts teaching and learning. With web 2.0 tools, students are moving from being consumers of knowledge to creators of knowledge. Van Meter School District learners have stepped through the looking glass by utilizing mobile and stationary computer labs.

Attend METC’s Leadership Breakfast and learn more about the school district’s transformation while interacting with other area administrators and board members! Special pre-registration is required- sign up for this event when registering for the general conference. METC is a program of the Virtual Learning Center of Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis.

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