Just a few of the Upcoming METC Precons!

METC 2011 Precon Workshop

The 2012 Midwest Education Technology Conference is just around the corner- the first day of the conference are the precon workshops. These are either half or full-day professional development sessions. We have almost 30 this year on February 13th! We’re going to highlight some of them in this blog post, and others in future posts. Preregistration is required for these METC sessions. (Some sessions are full and are noted so on the website) . Information registration and all sessions can be found here. Check out these, too:

Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum – Part 1 – Intro to Pixie
Digital storytelling is an engaging way to integrate technology into the elementary classroom curriculum and promote communication and creative skills. Participants will become familiar with the elements of effective digital storytelling as they explore how to use Pixie software to develop digital stories that help improve student’s reading and writing skills, and math, social studies, and science learning. Extend your learning by spending the afternoon with us and apply what you have learned about Pixie and digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling & Your Classroom – Part 2 – Creating Your Story
What does digital storytelling look like in your classroom? Participants will look at digital storytelling from the teacher role and the student perspective. Join us for an afternoon of practical application, collaboration and creation. Create the lesson plan, rubric and student sample using Pixie software, and be ready to use resources to implement in your classroom.

Working with Windows: 101 (A Beginner’s Guide)
Many teachers need to improve their comfort level working with a Windows based PC. This workshop addresses this by combining the content of several breakout sessions into a full day, hands-on experience. After attending this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how to manage the start-up sequence, junk files, orphaned shortcuts and the Windows registry as well as the issues of adware/spyware, and email scams. Attendees will learn how to safely tweak the Windows registry using readily available freeware. The workshop deals specifically with a PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP.

Model Lessons: Information Fluency in Action
Information Fluency leaders demonstrate free resources and classroom activities to help students, grades 6-12, search more efficiently and evaluate information effectively. Using a model lesson, attendees will learn search strategies and techniques by performing three investigative challenges. Workshop leaders will involve participants by unpacking the purpose, rationale and methods used in effective online research.

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