Distance Learning Opportunity on Creative Writing & Publishing

Using examples from all six of her books (almost 7, with the February 14th release of Out of This World), author Amy E. Sklansky answers the question during this new distance learning session: Where does an author get her ideas and how do they become a book? From Inspiration to Bookstore Shelf (grade 3 & up) is a 45 minute videoconferencing or Skype session. Register with Rebecca Morrison. For Videoconference/Skype: New Links members pay $155, nonmembers pay $195.

Participants are encouraged to interact with the author and will develop an appreciation for both the creative writing and publishing process. With PowerPoint slides, original artwork, and other props, she touches on many aspects of the creative process – sources of inspiration; generating ideas; structuring a story; revising; the roles of the artist and publishing staff; etc…. and in her newest publication, Amy gives readers evocative poems about planets and stars and rockets and moon landings and satellites. Each poem is supported by additional facts and explanations (because once your imagination’s engaged, you’ll surely want to know more!).

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