Half Day Classes at CSD on Technology Toolbox & Social Media

In these classes on Friday, February 3rd, you’ll learn new skills or spice up your existing skills in new ways–  have fun while learning practical applications and finding new, free tools to make your job easier. Here’s what’s coming up in these half day sessions:

Free Cool Tools  8:30-3:11:30am
$75 CSD member;
$89 non-member

Do you want to make your professional life easier? Are you wanting to use technology more, but don’t know where to start?  Join us for this class and fill your technology toolbox. You’ll be amazed how many free online tools are out there for you to use in scheduling, organizing and collaborating with your job task.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  12:30-3:30pm
$75 CSD member; $89 non-member

What’s all the buzz about Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites?  Have you been asked to create and manage a Facebook Page or a Twitter account for your organization?  Want to use these tools to market what you do?  This class is for you!  Come learn how to create Facebook pages that don’t require “friending” and use Twitter to your best advantage.

Register here!

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