2011 Show-Me a Movie Winners…

It’s award season! The Golden Globes are old news. The Academy Award nominations are not yet out. However, we are pleased to announce the winning submissions to the annual Show-Me a Movie Digital Storytelling Contest from Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis. These movies and the student filmmakers who produced them will be showcased at the Midwest Education Technology Conference in February.

Congratulations! Links to the movies listed will be provided shortly, so you’ll be able to see the digital stories on your own computer.


  • Show-Me Your Creativity: Convey a message (informational or persuasive) using music, drawings, digital photos, and/or clay models.
  • Show-Me Something New: Make an instructional or how-to movie.
  • Show-Me a Story: Tell a story about someone special, your school, your community.
  • Show-Me a Challenge: Share local environmental concerns and social issues, which promote awareness and public action.
  • Show-Me Your Community: Recount an aspect of your community/ethnic culture that is unique, significant, promotes a message, and advances a better understanding of it.

Below is a list of the winning movies for 2011:

Elsberry School District: Clarence Cannon Elementary, Show-Me Something New: The Jaws of Life
Francis Howell School District: Warren Elementary, Show-Me a Story: D.A.R.E.: The Fight Against Drugs
Francis Howell School District: John Weldon Elementary, Show-Me a Challenge: Drugs? Think Again
Normandy School District: Washington Elementary, Show-Me Your Community: The W.E.S. Way
Francis Howell School District: Central Elementary, Show-Me Your Creativity: Mad Media Goes Medieval

Middle School
Kirkwood School District: North Kirkwood Middle School, Show-Me Something New: Zombie Make-up Techniques
Francis Howell School District: Hollenbeck Middle School, Show-Me a Story: Show Me the Bullied
Francis Howell School District: Francis Howell Middle School, Show-Me a Challenge: Pushing Through
Rockwood School District: Lasalle Springs Middle School, Show-Me Your Community: Mr. Harry’s Carnival Foods
Pattonville School District: Holman Middle School, Show-Me Your Creativity: Show-Me Using My Planner
Honorable Mention: Westgate Christian Academy, Show-Me a Story: Borrowed Time

High School
Ursuline Academy, Show-Me a Story: Serviam- It’s What We Do
Washington School Distict: Washington High School, Show-Me a Challenge: Operation Christmas Child
Francis Howell School District: Francis Howell Central High School, Show-Me Your Creativity: Life of a Stick Figure

If you have question about the contest or showcase, contact Program Manager Rebecca Morrison at rmorrison@csd.org.

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