Economics: The Business of Baseball Lesson from the Baseball Hall of Fame

This is a videoconference my schools have requested in past years… perhaps in will become a popular once again in St. Louis schools given today’s news about Albert Pujols’ new contract. Here’s the info on the upon request videoconference on The Business of Baseball:

“Baseball is too much of a sport to be a business, and too much of a business to be a sport.” – Phil Wrigley, Owner of the Chicago Cubs from 1932 to 1977

In today’s game, the business of baseball is readily apparent. Player salaries, ticket prices, league structure, team ownership, and the players’ union all figure into the game’s “corporate structure.” Yet, baseball has been a business in its organization, inner-workings, and capitalist goals since the 19th century. The game evolved during a period of big business, great industrial growth, and technological change in this country. In this unit, students will explore economic laws and concepts associated with the national pastime.

All of the lessons and activities that you will find at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s education website have been prepared to accompany Economics: The Business of Baseball. You will find that the curriculum is organized into three levels: Level 1 for elementary school students, Level 2 for middle school students, and Level 3 for high school students. Feel free to pick and choose lessons from multiple levels if you feel that your students are ready for a challenge or would benefit from a review.

Within each level you will find both pre-visit lessons and post-visit lessons. The Hall of Fame strongly encourages educators to use these materials before their visit or videoconference. They have found that students understand and learn so much more if they are prepared before their Hall of Fame experience.

New Links members, if you are interested in participating in this 1 hour videoconference, let me know and I will request it for you. The cost is much less than $250 million … one session will run you $125.

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