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Closing Out the Year

#10 Google’s Les Paul Doodle
#9  Students Rebuild Offers Project To Support Japan
#8  about new links
#7  about csd
#6  “Interactive Curriculum Design for K-12 Classrooms”
#5  New Class! Integrating Media Literacy Across the Curriculum
#4  about the vlc
#3  SMART Classes Coming Up!
#2  The Effects of Media on Gender Identity Videoconference
#1  To Establish Justice coming up

Those are the highest read of blog posts from The Wired Classroom for this year (well, we cheated a little by jumping the gun on December 22nd). It’s quite an interesting assortment of topics! Happy New Year and we can’t wait to see what you read in 2012…


Author Visit Archive Available

Click on the image below to get to an archived session of last Tuesday’s videoconference with author James Otis Thach on this book, The Seal Pup.

Thanks to Connie Coy at MOREnet for assisting with the streaming and recording of these author visits from Cooperating School Districts’ New Links program.

Let’s Get Digital: Show-Me a Movie 2011

This year was the first year of the annual Show-Me a Movie Digital Storytelling Contest where we encouraged submissions to be sent in electronically (via YouTube, SchoolTube, or Vimeo). We did still get a few submissions mailed in; most of the participants embraced the new way of turning in the movies. Today begins the major sorting and organizing of all the movies- and judging takes place the first week of January. The winners, as always, will be showcased at the Midwest Education Technology Conference. Some of the titles we get to enjoy watching include Attack of the Bad Hair, Five Acres Animal Shelter- A Doggone Good Movie, and Life of a Stick Figure. Thank you to all who sent in entries– we look forward to seeing your work!

Here’s What We Did in 2011

12 months from the Virtual Learning Center
January – December 2011

METC 2012 offers SMART Board sessions

Here’s a list of the SMART Board sessions you’ll find at the Midwest Education Technology Conference this February at the St. Charles Convention Center. The Monday sessions listed are preconference workshops that required additional registrations; the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions are general conference breakouts- just show up, ready to learn!

Monday, Feb. 13: Martha Bogart
Are you familiar with the nine McREL (Marzano) research-based strategies, but aren’t exactly sure how you can use them with technology? Do you have a SMART Board, but feel you are not using it to full advantage? Then this workshop is for you! We will discuss each of the nine classroom instructional strategies in depth and show you how you can use your SMART tools in conjunction with them. Participants will walk away with concrete ideas and a SMART Notebook file from the presentation they can use and/or modify.

Monday, Feb. 13: Amy Johnson, Jennifer Young, Maried Swapp Have you ever used SMART Notebook? If the answer is no, join us for an energetic session with fellow teachers. SMART Notebook software, along with a SMART interactive whiteboard, allows teachers to provide interactive learning experiences for their students. Come learn to utilize the tools, Gallery items, object formatting, and the SMART Exchange website for downloading existing lessons.

Monday, Feb. 13: Alison Hancock, Ellen Downs You can Do It Yourself (DIY) when it comes to SMART Board renovation. Attendees will learn how to use SMART Notebook to build a lesson, spruce up an existing lesson, or update a favorite. Attendees will also use their new SMART DIY skills to create their own lessons and leave with a collection of SMART Board activities. Let’s tear down some walls to engage students!

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 10:50 am: Leslie Lincoln
Wondering how effective your teachers are with their SMART Boards? This session is designed for administrators. Learn how to assess your teachers’ basic skill level, how to leverage that information to your advantage, and look at professional development that will allow you to get your ROI. Take a peek at the new Vantage software from SMART Technologies that will allow you to monitor the SMART Board use of a teacher, school or district. Improve your staff’s effectiveness with their SMART classrooms. Strand: Leadership & Professional Learning

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 3:25 pm: Sarah McDonald, Sarah Rosslan, Tonya Ellis
Three experienced library media specialists share original SMART Notebook lessons that take common library skills and integrate them with today’s technology. Learn how to utilize the SMART Board’s interactivity in your daily library instruction. Attendees will be able to use presenters’ lessons in their instruction and leave with more ideas of how to create technology-rich library lessons. These elementary activities about reading skills, resource location skills, and more will be made available via a web site. Strand: Library & Media Literacy

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 9:45 am: Leslie Lincoln See the new 3D mixed reality SMART Software for Windows platform in action. Discover all that is new with Notebook 10.8 including new tools, gesturing and collaboration capabilities. Take a look at digital math tools that will make teaching a math a breeze and bring 21st century learning to your classroom. Utilizes an 880 SMART Board and a SMART Document camera. Strand: Innovative Instruction & Engaged Learning

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 1:00 pm: Barb Thach, Jennifer Gosnell Learn how one school designed and implemented a five unit course to introduce students to media literacy concepts. Librarians worked together with an administrator to identify media literacy concepts that should be taught to 7th grade students as part of a year long orientation course that was already in place at the school. They drew upon free media literacy resources to create series of classes that combined the use of a SMART Board as well as print materials and Promethean Flipcharts in order to appeal to different learning styles. Participants will come away from this session with ideas for how to adapt this model to their schools and a list of useful websites. Strand: Library & Media Literacy