2011 Show-Me a Movie Entries Due Next Month

Show-Me a Movie is a digital storytelling contest for Missouri students to demonstrate their creativity and digital movie-making skills. Based on curriculum and with a content focus, the movies will showcase what students know, care about, and are able to do. Join us in this fun event!

Prizes and Judging
Cash prizes will be awarded to the different divisions of each category. In addition, judges may choose a movie or movies for special recognition. Checks will be made out to the winning schools. The judges reserve the right to switch movies into categories they deem appropriate if they feel the movies do not belong in the categories they were originally entered in.

Movie Length
Movies may have a running time of no more than 2 minutes, excluding title and credits. Movies that do not adhere to this rule may be disqualified.

Contest Timeline & Submission Guidelines

  • 2011 Contest Deadline: FRIDAY, December 16th.
    Entries must be received no later than 3 p.m. Entries received after this deadline will not be considered.

    Send entries to:
    Show-Me a Movie
    Cooperating School Districts
    Virtual Learning Center
    1460 Craig Road
    St. Louis, MO 63146

  • Movies must be submitted via the web or on CD. For movies posted online, teachers are to email CSD the link to the film. Include Show-Me a  Movie in the email subject. Examples of acceptable websites include SchoolTube, Vimeo and YouTube. Movies must be tagged or include Show-Me in the title when uploaded to these sites.
  • If submitted via CD, movies must be formatted as either QuickTime files or Windows Media Player files. DVDs will not be accepted! It is required that the school keep a master copy on file. Winners will be required to provide the movie in its original format upon request. If there are any questions regarding the format, please contact CSD. NOTE: The 2011 contest year will be the last that movies will be accepted on CD.
  • Grand prizewinners and category/grade level winners showcased at the Midwest Education Technology Conference at the St. Charles Convention Center.

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