Log On: Global Education Conference is November 14-18

The second annual Global Education Conference is a week-long, and free, event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world.  The conference features sessions and keynote addresses to inspire global connections, projects, ideas, and action in an increasingly connected world — and it takes place next week! By the way, Steve Hargadon is the Founder and Co-Chair of this conference; the other Co-Chair is Midwest Education Technology Conference Featured Speaker Lucy Gray.

The Global Education Conference will be streamed live online November 14-18, 2011.  The entire conference will be held online for free using the Blackboard Collaborate platform. See session descriptions, forum discussions, and session calendars- one for each of the world’s 36 time zones- at globaleducationconference.com.

Keynote addresses this year will be given by thought leaders like Alan November, Chris Dede, Howard Gardner, Fernando Reimers, and Esther Wojcicki. Also, don’t forget to follow the conference on Twitter (@GlobalEdCon). Conference related tweets will be aggregated using the hashtag #GlobalEd11.

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