In 2012: Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect: Innovate

What instructional tools do you use to reach & teach your students or staff? Introduce even more opportunities to your schools by coming to and learning from the excellent sessions at the Midwest Education Technology Conference in February! More than 1,700 attendees from around the United States are expected to participate in the annual event, including technology specialists, teachers, library media specialists, staff developers, administrators, instructional technology teachers, and information technology/network specialists. Registration is now open and you get the best deal by registering early- before December 9th.

Who are the Keynote Speakers?

• John C. Carver
Leadership Breakfast, Tuesday, February 14
Our “Printing Press” Moment: Educational Transformation,
Hold On to Your Hats!

• Dr. David Thornburg
Tuesday, February 14
Can You Hear Me Now: The Powerful Rise of Mobile Learning

• Adam Bellow
Wednesday, February 15
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future

Session content includes interactive whiteboards, videoconferencing, Discovery Education, Google, digital storytelling, mobile devices, and much more. Presenters are classroom instructors from the St. Louis region and beyond, plus eight special featured speakers brought in to address specific education issues. This year, the METC Advisory Committee asked Rushton Hurley, Roxanne Glaser
, Lucy Gray, 
Cindy Lane
, Paula Naugle, Kathy Schrock, 

Kenneth Shelton, and Tony Vincent to present. Questions on METC? Contact Project Coordinator Megan Moncure or Program Director Nancy George.

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