Upcoming Free Videoconference Opportunities for K-12 Classes

Recently I’ve been blogging about free interactive videoconference (and Skype) opportunities. I’d like to quickly recap some of those for you here, now:

• Sign up for a 30-minute Skype session with author and artist Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw (available through December 2011). Jenny Sue will read one of her books and then share about her process — asking participating classes questions about how they think she does each part and share her research, sketchbooks, how she creates illustrations (paint, collage + more).
• Win a videoconference from Amy Sklansky by submitting your name, school, and email address by October 31st and you will have an opportunity to bring this bestselling St. Louis author into your classroom via distance learning – at no cost (you choose videoconferencing or Skype, and which of her lessons you’d like to do)! Click here to enter.
• Engage in HEC-TV Live!’s Veteran’s Day videoconference is November 11. Scroll down a couple blog posts to read more details on that interactive program.
• Register for The Education Department of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum‘s two videoconferences on November 15, 2011 entitled “First Ladies Conference.” This event is for 8-12th grades.

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