Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes: A Veteran’s Day Tribute

HEC-TV Live! Presents Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes: A Veteran’s Day Tribute
Date: November 11, 2011 | Times: 10 to 11 a.m. or 1 to 2 p.m. CT
Grade Levels: 4-12 | Cost: NO CHARGE
Register by Thursday, November 3rd

Videoconference Description:
What is it like to be in the military?  What is it like to fight in combat and to return home from war?  What does it mean to have served your nation in its armed forces? On this Veterans Day, as Tim Gore of HEC-TV Live! remembers those who have fought and died for our country’s freedoms, take your study of the history of America in war to the veterans who fought in them.  Ask these questions and more as you interact with veterans from World War II, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and the current war in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Take a step back into history with those who lived and fought during these important moments in American life. What was the mood of the country as America entered the war after Pearl Harbor? What was it like to be on the battlefield in World War II and to be a prisoner of war? During the turbulent 1960’s as Americans wrestled with the war in Vietnam, why did a young man choose to enlist and fight so far from home?  As America countered Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, how did one young Marine react to being on the front lines of that conflict?  What was it like to live in a foxhole, search enemy foxholes for soldiers and weapons, and to fight in a field of landmines?  And in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, what was it like to be a military policeman or to be tasked as part of the important support unit to promote troop morale?

HEC-TV Live’s focus in this program will not be exploring the historic details of a specific war or battle in that war, but it will be to provide students the rare and important opportunity to speak directly with those who have served our country in its armed forces and learn first hand what that means.

Program Objectives:

1.  The participant will gain a greater understanding of what it means to live and fight in wartime.
2.  The participant will interact with individuals providing primary source accounts of recent world events.
3.  The participant will meet people and hear stories from diverse perspectives.

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