From Inspiration to Bookstore Shelf

Using examples from all six of her books, author Amy E. Sklansky answers the question during this distance learning session: Where does an author get her ideas and how do they become a book?

With PowerPoint slides, original artwork (like that featured in this post!), and other props, she touches on many aspects of the creative process – sources of inspiration; generating ideas; structuring a story; revising; the roles of the artist and publishing staff; etc.  Participants are encouraged to interact with the author and will develop an appreciation for both the creative writing and publishing process. From Inspiration to Bookstore Shelf (grade 3 up) is a 45 minute videoconferencing or Skype session. Register with Rebecca Morrison. For Videoconference/Skype: New Links members pay $155, nonmembers pay $195.

You have a chance to receive this session for free- see the blog’s sidebar for how to enter to a contest to get a program of your choice at no cost!

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