VLC’s Webinar Wednesday Archive

Did you miss yesterday’s 1-hour free webinar from the Virtual Learning Center? Well, you are in luck- we’d like to share the archived version of the event with you right here, right now. You’ll learn how Discovery Education streaming digital media resources can be used with your interactive white boards (SMART Boards and Promethean ActivBoards will be featured). Engage today’s learner by using images, videos, and audio files with your IWB lessons and by creating multimedia projects with your students.

To gain access to the two other webinars we’ve hosted this fall, click here (and select “view event recordings”).

To read up on future free webinars from the VLC, visit our website. Up next, we have the CSDVLC ISTE Affiliate on November 2. This informative webinar will familiarize you with the Virtual Learning Center at Cooperating School Districts, its mission, its services and its personnel. In addition, you’ll find out how to become a member of the newly formed ISTE Affiliate and what its benefits include!

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