The George Bush Presidential Library & Museum presents First Ladies Videoconferences

The Education Department of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum will be hosting two free videoconferences on November 15, 2011 entitled “First Ladies Conference.” This storytelling event is for 8-12th grades.

• 1-2 p.m. – Influence Makers: First Ladies in American History Lynda Johnson Robb, First Daughter, with leading historians and archivists will review First Ladies throughout history and how the position has evolved. They will explore their activism and the traditional role of First Lady as guardian of the family and public image. The discussion will include anecdotal and interpretative perspectives on how a First Lady’s background shaped her personality and work.
• 2:15 – 3:15 p.m. – Behind the Scenes in the East Wing: Senior Advisors to First Ladies Former close advisors from chief of staff, press, and special projects will share how they and First Ladies decide upon, design and implement specific domestic and global programs and campaigns. A feature of this panel will illuminate accounts of little know facts, behind the scenes experiences, and unsung legacies.

For all the details on ways to connect and how to register, follow this link.

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