Aim for SLU’s Videoconferences

Saint Louis University’s AIMS program- that’s Adventures in Medicine and Science– provides distance learning presentations through a state-of-the-art high definition videoconferencing system. The AIMS Virtual Anatomy Classroom provides hands-on interactive field trips designed to enhance any science curriculum.

AIMS was recently honored for the third consecutive school year with a Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration for distance learning programs. This award, presented annually, is based on teacher evaluations submitted through the CILC website and recognizes outstanding performance by a content provider.

There is a limit of 3 classes (90 students) to allow for ample opportunity for discussion and questions during videoconferences, which cost $250 each.

Ray Vollmer (above) presents on several topics, including:
• Anatomy of the Eye/Pig Eye Dissection
• Anatomy of the Human Brain/Sheep Brain Dissection
• Anatomy of the Human Heart /Pig Heart Dissection
• Mr. Bones
• Teen Nutrition
• Health General Cadaver Demonstrations
• Forensic Autopsy Cadaver Demonstrations
• Sports Medicine Cadaver Demonstrations

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