Cindy Lane and Tony Vincent will be at METC 2012

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be featuring the 2012 Midwest Education Technology Conference Featured Speakers. Last week we shared Lucy Gray and Ken Shelton’s bios. Today’s focus is on Cindy Lane and Tony Vincent– two of our presenters from the Midwest! The Virtual Learning Center and the Advisory Committee are excited to have them be part of METC 2012. Don’t forget to look for @clane, @tonyvincent, and @METC_CSD on Twitter!

Cindy Lane is an Educator, Instructional Technologist, and a Network Sherpa. She is a Discovery Education Certified Trainer. Cindy has traveled to 48 states training teachers to use Discovery Education in their classrooms. She is certified to train in all current Discovery Education programs ranging from Web 2.0 to Techbook. Cindy is also a Google Certified Teacher, a Master Trainer for Intel Teach to the Future, and as an eMINTS Instructional Trainer. She is an adjunct professor for several regional colleges/universities. including the University of Missouri-Columbia and St. Louis Community College. Cindy is extremely innovative, resourceful & specializes in finding unique and creative ways to use traditional computer tools in the classroom.

Tony Vincent started teaching fifth grade in Omaha, Nebraska in 1998, when it wasn’t so easy to publish online. Knowing that his students were motivated to see their work on the Web, Tony first had students write book reviews on Later his students spent each school year contributing projects to their classroom site, Planet 5th. Planet 5th became so popular that it received thousands of hits from around the world. In 2001, Tony’s students became among the first to use handheld computers for learning and later among the first to podcast. Today, he works as an independent consultant, working with educators worldwide. Tony’s blog, Learning in Hand, is a great resource for educational technology. From netbooks and web applications to iPods, iPads, and podcasting, Tony has put together practical information for educators interested in mobile learning.


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