Cool Tools for Your School

Stephanie Madlinger’s two part Cool Tools for Educators: Free Online Resources workshop starts today and concludes this weekend. She’s working with a great, enthusiastic group in Cooperating School Districts’ tele.

She’s sharing all sorts of goodies with participants, like delicious, a social bookmarking service where they can keep, share, and discover websites, and diigo, is a social bookmarking site which allows users to bookmark and tag pages. It also allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page. A conversation about why one would opt to use a bookmarking site will take place, and why one may select one site over another.

Of course, as a Google Certified Teacher, Stephanie will discuss lots of the great features Google offers with the class.

So- group- what has been the best part of the class (….thus far)?

9 thoughts on “Cool Tools for Your School

  1. This class is great! I feel much frustration because I don’t seem to have the foundation of knowledge that most of the others have. I just have to try harder – I’m not giving up. I don’t want to be left behind.

  2. I realized after the training I am technology illiterate. Feeling like I walked away with a million dollars worth of information; thanks to Steph and my fellow co-workers!

  3. I learned how to manuver around the cool tools websites. I also relearned how to put websites into my folders. Stephanie made it so easy to learn how to do all this Smaller class and the environment is excellent for learning.

  4. Learning and having the chance to work with these great sites. Also, getting to meet Stephanie…she makes this all seem easy….and it probably is…but I have to use what I learn….:))) Thanks Bridget for driving!

  5. We had a wonderful group of educators for this class. Day two, even though it was a Saturday, was FANTASTIC! We learned, we shared, and we laughed, A LOT! My thanks goes to the awesome dedication of these educators to the students in our community. We have such great teachers in our area schools, it is always a blast to spend the day learning with them!

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