Congressman Carnahan Videoconferences with area Students on Constitution Day

Here are a couple snapshots from today’s Constitution Day videoconference between Mehlville High School and United States Congressman Russ Carnahan. Congressman Carnahan spoke live from Cooperating School Districts via videoconferencing about the US Constitution and how as a member of the House of Representatives he works with the document.

He also took questions from the students, which ranged from where did you go to college (University of Missouri-Columbia), to have you met Barack Obama (yes, they were both elected in 2004- Mr. Obama as a Senator, Mr. Carnahan as a Congressman- and then they met after Obama was elected president). Congressman Carnahan also explained he split his time between St. Louis (he represents Missouri’s Third District, which includes parts of St. Louis City and County, as well as all of Jefferson and Ste. Genevieve Counties) and Washington, D.C. The freshman students from Mehlville asked great questions, and thanks to Mr. Carnahan for taking the time to participate in this distance learning experience.

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