Midwest Education Technology Conference Keynotes 2012

Cooperating School Districts’ Virtual Learning Center is pleased to announce the keynote speaker line-up for the 2012 Midwest Education Technology Conference: Adam Bellow, John C. Carver, and David Thornburg.

David Thornburg (right) speaks on Tuesday, February 14. His keynote address is entitled Can You Hear Me Now: The Powerful Rise of Mobile Learning.  David’s current focus is on alternatives to traditional classrooms, and the explosive rise of mobile learning tools, continues a journey he has been on for decades. He is the author of hundreds of articles and numerous books on the potential for emerging technologies to transform education.

Adam Bellow (above left) will keynote on Wednesday, February 15 on A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future. Adam is the Director of Educational Technology for The College Board Schools and was recently named Outstanding Young Educator of the Year by ISTE. In addition, Adam is founder of eduTecher, a free web resource for teachers, students, and parents that finds and explains how to use web tools in the classroom.

John C. Carver (left) is delivering a special keynote at the annual Leadership Breakfast, held on Tuesday morning.  John serves the Van Meter School District as its Superintendent of Schools in Iowa; his district serves 630 students in grades K-12. Van Meter has established global connections for learning using Skype, Twitter and other social networking tools. John will speak on Our “Printing Press” Moment: Educational Transformation, Hold On to Your Hats!.

Look for future posts on other featured speakers coming soon to The Wired Classroom. And remember, registration for METC opens Monday, October 3!

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