2011-2012 Polycom Special Events

Polycom Special Events are designed to provide Polycom customers free curriculum-rich videoconferencing connections in order to demonstrate the power of the technology to support learning.

Polycom Special Events include: connections to renowned authors, experts in the field, famous locations. Some events are even dedicated to specific groups, like professional development for teachers or reading programs for ESL and reluctant readers.

Author interviews: require a book to be read and use the ASK Process (Authors Specialist and Knowledge) Link to the ASK process preparation – http://askprocess.wikispaces.com/

Click in the comments section of this post to see registration processes!

1 thought on “2011-2012 Polycom Special Events

  1. Registration: takes place in CAPspace (http://projects.twice.cc), requires a CAPspace account and verified Polycom equipment. A live stream of the event is available upon request.

    Check your calendars carefully (teacher conferences, vacation days, state testing) and make sure your class is available before registering. Cancellations are requested 4 weeks in advance to give another class a chance to participate. Important change in policy: Due to the popularity of these programs, cancellations must be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the program date. Cancellations with less than 14 days notice will result in a hold on your account prohibiting your participation in Polycom Special Events for the rest of the year (snow days, power outages, etc. do not apply).

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