Free VC PD with New Links

Today St. Bridget of Kildare utilized one portion of their membership in New Linksfree professional development on videoconferencing/distance learning from Program Coordinator Rebecca Morrison (left).

The participants received an overview of what videoconferencing is, and what it can accomplish, plus how to find content. The main focus of the discussion, however, was on the benefits of New Links membership. At the end of the hour-long session, one teacher said about New Links– you do all the work!

We’re really excited to be working with this new group of enthusiastic teachersthey want to do both H323 videoconference connections through their Polycom and use Skype; they were eager to learn more about content provider programs as well as collaborations between classrooms. One teacher’s ears pricked up when she heard about Author Visit and Eggs-periments Videoconferences with Amy E. Sklansky. Other topics of interest included connecting with zoos and to a bee keeper. It was a great conversation to start of the new school year.

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