Skype with Author/Illustrator Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

Here’s a new great program from author/illustrator Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw. Based in New Mexico, though originally from Missouri, Jenny Sue has come to Cooperating School Districts to videoconference a couple of times during visits home. She will now be offering author visits over Skype- at no cost! (So in a way, it’s same, same, but different)!

Jenny Sue’s Skype sessions will run 30 minutes, live from her home-studio in the southwest. Her preferred day of delivery is Thursdays between 9 a.m. and noon Mountain time (one hour behind the Central time zone). During the fall, Jenny Sue will be traveling quite a bit (including to St. Louis, we’ll update you events she will be attending!) She will be available to conduct these sessions between October 3-7th; most of November, and the first half of December.

Prior to the Skype connection, participating classrooms should have read and be familiar with her book(s) and to let the author know if they want a specific one read/discussed. Another option is for Jenny Sue to read her new book, Same, Same but Different. Teachers and students can have a few questions prepared to ask.

Though the half-hour sessions will be catered to the age group participating,  here’s the general breakdown on the connection:

  • Hello! Introductions & Questions for students.
  • A studio tour. Jenny Sue will pan the camera and show them where she work and what her studio is like: painting and writing space, and looking at bookshelves and some of her favorite books.
  • She will briefly discuss how she researches and uses her tools.
  • Jenny Sue will read one of her books and then share about her process — asking participating classes questions about how they think she does each part and share her research, sketchbooks, how she create illustrations (paint, collage, and more).
  • She will also share how she integrates personal ideas into illustrations, and how to work editors.
  • Wrap up: answer any questions students have.

If you have questions, or would like to book a session with Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw over Skype, contact Rebecca Morrison at Cooperating School Districts: Please note there limited dates and times for this free program. Sign up early!

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