Show Us Your Movies!

In just four months submissions for the Show-Me a Movie Digital Storytelling Contest are due to Cooperating School Districts!

Movies must be submitted via the web or on CD. For movies posted online, teachers are to email CSD the link to the film. Include Show-Me a  Movie in the email subject. Examples of acceptable websites include SchoolTube, Vimeo and YouTube. Movies must be tagged or include Show-Me in the title when uploaded to these sites.

If submitted via CD, movies must be formatted as either QuickTime files or Windows Media Player files. DVDs will not be accepted!  If there are any questions regarding the format, please contact CSD. NOTE: The 2011 contest year will be the last that movies will be accepted on CD.

Winners will be announced in January and showcased at the Midwest Education Technology Conference in February 2012.

Remember, the categories for 2011 include:

•  NEW! Show-Me Your Creativity:  Convey a message (informational or persuasive) using music, drawings, digital photos, and/or clay models.
•  Show-Me Something New:  Make an instructional or how-to movie.
•  Show-Me a Story:  Tell a story about someone special, your school, your community.
•  Show-Me a Challenge:  Share local environmental concerns and social issues, which promote awareness and public action.
•  Show-Me Your Community:  Recount an aspect of your community/ethnic culture that is unique, significant, promotes a message, and advances a better understanding of it.

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