Bring Author Carolyn Lesser Into Your Classroom this School Year

Author Carolyn Lesser returns for the 2011-2012 school year as a content provider for New Links! Here’s what she is offering this year ~

Three-Part Interactive Videoconferences Sessions which include Teacher Professional Development:

•  Writing Nonfiction Prose or Poetry
•  Writing Nature Prose or Poetry
•  Multi-genre Nonfiction Writing

Each session will be full of inspiration, enthusiasm, and positive feedback! Carolyn will engage students with enthusiasm for her nonfiction process. For three-part writing series, the cost breakdown is as follows: Nonmembers pay $650 for three videoconferences | New Links members pay $600 for three videoconferences.

Carolyn also offers a Custom-designed writing videoconference for educators and/or student. This interactive videoconference is offered to give the most flexibility to planners & educators. Embedded in this program is total control over the content, number of presentations, and the issues/concerns most important to your district or schools. Collaborative planning between educators and the author is one of the riches of this custom design as it brings support & professional development to educators regarding nonfiction writing. Cost to be negotiated with author.

All programs are available upon date request, but preferred connection times include: Teacher sessions at 4 pm CT | Student sessions at either 9 am or 11 am CT.

Carolyn is the author of books including Great Crystal Bear, a lyrical natural science book that follows the polar bear through all seasons and reveals his wisdom and resilience in a stark and beautiful Arctic environment (illustrated by Bill Noonan) and Spots: Counting Creatures from Sky to Sea, a natural science book about spotted creatures and the ten biomes they inhabit. It’s an early counting book with a glossary to spark the imagination of older readers (illustrated by Laura Regan).

Questions? Email Rebecca Morrison.

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